When You and Your Partner disagree on retirement plans

Dated: 30 September 2021

Whether you have ever voiced it to anyone else, your partner included, you probably have always had some idea of […]

Relationship Breakdown in Retirement

Dated: 30 September 2021

“Silver splitters”, as defined by Bill and Melinda Gates marital split, is on the rise. The reasons for over 60’s […]

The Trouble with Retirement

Dated: 8 September 2021

Well for starters, the very word retirement conjures up instant thoughts and images in our minds. They will depend on […]

Look out for latest Instagram Live Q & A ” Fairy Tale Beginnings”

Dated: 6 August 2021

Self-imposed isolation or solitude?

Dated: 21 April 2020

In the new reality that is going to be our lives for the coming weeks and months, choice plays a […]

Transition through Change

Dated: 21 April 2020

Change and transition are sometimes used interchangeably but they are very different. Change is an event that happens, often externally […]

5 tips to enrich your mid-life

Dated: 28 November 2019

5 tips to enrich your mid-life Be true to yourself. You have gained wisdom through life experiences so don’t feel […]

View from a Mid-Life Window

Dated: 21 September 2017

  Mid-life is a transition as important and challenging as earlier life stages. It will take inner resources, ingenuity, and […]

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7 Steps to Mid-Life Balance

Dated: 21 September 2017

7 Steps to Create Work/Life Balance in Mid-Life Challenge Yourself – delve into your habits and ideas and question whether […]

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