View from a Mid-Life Window


Mid-life is a transition as important and challenging as earlier life stages. It will take inner resources, ingenuity, and resolve in order to find purpose and fulfillment.¬†Of course, you can choose comfort over challenge but remind yourself of the benefits of stretching physically, emotionally and mentally. This is not a time for looking at what’s gone before. The best time of your life really is ahead if you are prepared to discover your true self then go forward bravely. The date on your birth certificate is less relevant than the time clock in your head.

Do you still have children at home and find you are taking on more responsibility for aging parents?

Are you still building your career, working harder than ever but with less satisfaction.

Do you feel you are no longer getting the buzz you once did from your work/life or relationship?

Are you thinking it is time for a change but not sure how to look at your options?

Do you feel you rarely have enough time to do all the things you promised yourself at this time of life?

All these are natural emotions that start to enter your thoughts around mid-life. Think about how freeing it would feel to get to grips with your options and know you can take control and make choices.






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