Is coaching the same as counselling?

The answer is yes and no. There are some similarities in the sense that our conversations are confidential and as a professional coach I am also completely non-judgmental. But there are many differences, not least because coaching is a conversation of equals. As the coach my role is not to be the expert, or to tell you what you to do. The coaching sessions are your time to use as you choose. I can help you prepare for change, handle the ups and downs that are part of the process of change and learn ways to build your resilience. I will also help and support you to reach your goals.

So how does coaching work?

By the use of skillful questions, not in order for me as your coach to have the answers, but solely for the purpose of raising your awareness. With raised awareness comes choice. You will have the space to explore your innermost thoughts in a way that doesn’t happen in normal two-way conversations. Listening is an skill that coaches develop and it is very powerful for someone to feel truly heard and understood.

Why can’t I read a good book about coaching to get the same benefit?

You can read books about coaching and doing so will help you grasp the concepts. But, having knowledge about something is not the same as taking action to bring about change. Some people thrive on change, many find it uncomfortable, even downright scary. There are often emotional blocks that hold us back from achieving life goals, and that’s also true in retirement. Coaching delves deep to help confront and overcome those blocks.

How do I know it will be worthwhile for me?

It goes without saying, there are no guarantees but it is not too strong to say the process can be life-changing. Your future is in your hands, so you have to be willing to do the work between sessions towards your transition and change. Gaining a deeper understanding of what makes you tick, what you want for your future, and feeling supported on your journey is a valuable experience.

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