Supporting your emotional wellbeing as you prepare for retirement.

Helping you overcome personal or relationship worries.

Setting a compass to help you navigate your future direction.

About Maggie

As a boomer I have had lot of life experiences, enjoyed successes as well as had my share of losses, knocks and setbacks along the way.

I was privileged to read thousands of personal stories as an Agony Aunt on the Dear Deidre team for over 25 years. When I later discovered coaching I decided to study for an undergraduate and post graduate qualification with the University of Cambridge and graduated in 2018.

Who will benefit

If you are a Baby Boomer retiring now you could spend as many years in retirement as you spent in your careers. Food for thought and it makes good sense therefore to give consideration to planning for that stage.

Retirement Coaching is for you if you:

Want to create a roadmap that ensures your retirement plans align with your values, hopes and dreams.

Would like to plan the next chapter of your life whether retiring is some way off or just around the corner.

Want to prepare for your retirement journey by exploring any mind-set obstacles and ensure you have the tools to be resilient for pitfalls along the way.

How Will Coaching Help Me?

I specialise in helping you in a number of areas:

> By helping you make a decision about your future career direction.

> Create a new identity for the future, not one based on your job title.

> Stop the worry habit and replace it with positive actions.

> By changing negative attitudes towards retirement and ageing.

> Enhance your own life and also your personal relationship.

> Go on feeling and being like you.

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