Self-imposed isolation or solitude?

In the new reality that is going to be our lives for the coming weeks and months, choice plays a huge part. All but a few would honestly say they thrive on change especially change that is externally driven and imposed on us. At best, it gives rise to unpleasant feelings of what-if’s and some short-term anxious over-thinking. At worst, it can stop people in their tracks, and fears over what that change will mean can trigger resistance, anger, stress, sleepless nights and even depression.

It seems an irony that people who are fit, healthy and active are now being asked to behave as if we they were none of those things. Of course, intellectually it is easy to appreciate and accept this is for the greater good, but emotionally it is going to take some determination and resilience to thrive as individuals.

I am reminded of Gallwey’s model of Performance = potential – interference. Gallwey.W,  (The Inner Game of Work – Texere)

How much our performance thrives will be determined by us finding ways to embrace our potential and overcome our interferences.

Everyone has the potential to be creative about how they will choose to live their lives in the coming weeks. Putting effort and energy into making plans, creating routines, finding ways to stay focused on the positives will all help enormously. Keeping a daily journal is a fantastic way to notice how you are thinking and feeling. There is something liberating about writing thoughts rather than allowing them to swirl around in your head. It is in itself a learning process too and looking back even a week later you will be reminded of things you had forgotten about. If you are taking the advice and going for daily walks, do it in a mindful way, noticing the changes in the season around you.

The interferences will come through negative self-talk, allowing thoughts to dwell on what is being denied or temporarily lost so you feel impoverished or denied. It is important to establish the habit of positive rather than negative thinking. Ensure every negative thought is immediately replaced with two positives. Try it, it works!

As a Professional Personal Coach, I help people manage change with all its complexities and find ways to embrace their new reality. Every new beginning starts with an ending. If you are struggling right now, wondering how you will cope in the coming weeks and months, reach out to me. I am here to help you develop your resilience so that you will look back on this time as being a positive experience.


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