How Will Coaching Help Me?

By helping you make a decision about your future career direction.

Coaching will help you decide whether to carry on working at your current level, or step away altogether. Or get a balance between the two that feels right for you. What you decide will be influenced by a number of factors of course and the emotional ones will play a prominent part in your decision.

Create a new identity for the future, not one based on your job title.

Your choices for the next phase of your life are as important as earlier phases. You can choose who and what you will be – just think how liberating that will feel. It can also feel scary and coaching will support you as you make the transition towards retirement.

Stop the worry habit and replace it with positive actions.

If you find yourself going around in circles in your head, coaching will hold a mirror up to your thoughts and help you gain new insights and a fresh perspective. That in itself will give you motivation for action. Retirement is the time to take brave bold steps,

By changing negative attitudes towards retirement and ageing.

When you feel uncertain or anxious you are drawn towards reading and hearing words that reinforce your own negative thoughts. You cannot change the realities of getting older but you have complete control over your attitude towards it. Coaching will help you adopt new beliefs and a can-do positive attitude towards your future.

Enhance your own life and also your personal relationship.

Your relationship with your partner will inevitably change once you are together for longer than when you were both working. It is important to talk and share what each of you wants and not assume you know. Coaching will help you rewrite the next chapter for your shared hopes and dreams.

Go on feeling and being like you.

Your career will have dictated some structure to your days and weeks, and while you may be happy to have that relaxed, structure is still important in retirement. A sense of purpose and achievement will enhance your emotional and physical wellbeing.

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